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The Beginning

By Tamara Brown

TOYA! That is my mother’s name, well was my mother’s name. She is no longer with me on Earth, but she will forever live in my heart. Two days ago April 22,2016 to be exact she would have been 47 years old. Yes, I know she died mighty young and none of us (my family and I) saw it coming. She died on October 3,2013 and I still to this day think about her everyday. She is not here to see her granddaughter grow, to help me pick names for my future children/her grandchildren. She is not here to help me pick out a wedding dress to marry my future prince charming. She is not here to see the woman I have become or to give me advice. She is not here to celebrate birthdays, or holidays. AND IT HURTS LIKE HELL!

I am starting this blog to help people like myself that are still mourning, not only days, months, but years later. Thinking about your mother, father, grandmother, etc. on your good days, bad days, holidays, or when/where ever. I needed an outlet and I think starting with this blog will be a great outlet and also a great way to help others and myself. I am not only writing this blog for children that have lost loved ones through death, but also for children that are mourning their parents due to absence. Either their parents walked out of their life’s and/ are on drugs or even selling their bodies to make ends meet. Parents that are not physically or mentally there to help their child/children. I am here to talk about it all.

How do we as children get past the feelings that we have? Where do we start? How do we cope? Who do we talk or turn to? Are there people in this world that can relate to our pain? When does the pain stop? All of these are questions that many Mourning Children need answers too. I myself my not have all of the answers, but one thing is for sure, I CAN RELATE!


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