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Not Afraid Novelties

Not Afraid Novelties started off as a T Shirt brand in 2014, but has since expanded into much more! Our passion for children as taken over just a tad bit and we created a Brand exclusively for children called Cultured Kidz. Cultured Kidz is a diverse educational school supplies brand for children attending elementary school. You can dive into more about our Cultured Kidz brand by clicking the icon on our home page “Check Out Cultured Kidz.” As far as our t-shirt brand it will relaunch sometime at the beginning of next year. Our Tee shirts will cater to millennial mothers and their children. Moms love cool t-shirts, so why not include the kiddos too. We at Not Afraid Novelties have so much in store for our brands. Make sure you subscribe to our email list.

Tamara Brown

Tamara is a fierce, bold and outspoken individual. She is an awesome SAHM of 3 and an amazing wife. Tamara started her T shirt brand in 2014, life took some tosses and turns so things came to a halt! But after losing her job in November 2017 literally right before the holidays that fire she had came back even brighter! Tamara found one of her passions in designing custom backpacks for children after her daughter had a special request of her own. A chocolate unicorn, crazy right? Well that chocolate unicorn request turned into something more! Tamara created one of our amazing brands under Not Afraid Novelties called Cultured Kidz a diverse  educational backpack and school supplies (coming soon) brand. Tamara has many amazing things coming to Cultured Kidz as well as Not Afraid NovelTees (relaunching next year). Make sure y’all stay tuned for what’s to come.